Guesthouse Policy

This document has been prepared with the aim of making clear the principal rules and the terms of use of the offered service.

In the document you can find the following topics:

  • definition of offered services
  • booking and cancellation procedures
  • general rules

Definition of services offered
“Rhome Guesthouse”, Via Mocenigo 21, Roma (from now the “Guesthouse”), in line with regulations, offers the service of accommodation and breakfast.

  • Breakfast is served from 07:30 to 10:30.
  • Cleaning and tidying of the rooms are performed every day from 10:30 to 12:30.
  • Bath towels changing is provided every 3 days or at the express request of the customer.
  • Linen changing is provided twice a week or at the express request of the customer.
  • Check-in takes place between 14:30 and 20:00. Any different times of arrival can be agreed in advance with the manager (for late check-in an extra fee of 20 euro is applied).
  • Maximum check-in time 24:00.
  • Check-out takes place before 11:30.
  • Upon arrival in the Guesthouse they must be delivered a valid identification document (passport, identity card, driving license) and collect the assigned keys.
  • Payment is request on arrival.

Procedures for booking and cancellation
The standard procedure to make a reservation includes a first request for availability of rooms during the period concerned to be made through the dedicated section of the Internet site of the Guesthouse “reservations”, by telephone or trough a booking company.
This request is not binding either by the user or by the Manager. After this request, if there is availability, you can arrange the reservation. Agreed the reservation is sent to the customer an e-mail confirmation containing the information of the essential characteristics of the reserved service and its price and payment methods. The booking will be confirmed once the Manager has verified, with a positive result, the credit on your account the amount claimed. For “imminent” or where reservations lacked the objective ability to make the transfer in good time, the confirmation process will be established in accordance with the Manager as appropriate. In case of early departure of the customer, the Manager has the right to request full compensation provided.

All the reservation made thought the website are not refundable.

General rules
For the welfare and safety of guests smoking is not allowed inside the structure.
Before use of unusual electrical appliances, the customer must request the prior written consent of the Manager. Therefore the customer is responsible for any fact or act on his part, directly or indirectly (caused by persons subject to his responsibility), from which is derived damage to the Guesthouse or a third party, even if the injured party may request the damages directly to the Manager. If the Customer adversely damage to housing or its contents shall be liable for such damage. The costs involved will then be charged to the customer at the time of departure.

It’s allowed to access to Guesthouse with small animals, well mannered, and with any valid vaccinations. Customers wishing to bring along their pets must notify the manager when booking. The animals may not be introduced into the structure, without the consent of the Manager. The Customer is liable for damage caused to people and / or things to animals in his custody under current legislation.

The Manager has the right to exclude the customer from the property, in case the same:

  • the customer use the premises with prejudice of the property or renders intolerable living with other guests, taking a behavior devoid of respect, outrageous or reckless in every case, or if it is guilty of criminal conducts to the Manager, staff and / or persons that they are located in the structure;
  • the customer suffers from a contagious disease or illness whose course exceeds the agreed period of stay, or in case they are needed special care.

The Manager is not liable for valuables to be left unattended in the room.

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